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Leadership Interview/analysis: 30 pts.   
4 pages, double-spaced minimumOverview of leader, background, and position (10 pts.)Develop and ask five questions (5 pts.)Document responses (5 pts.)Provide analysis related to at least 4 leadership theories reviewed in class (10 pts.)
this is the 5 questions 
1- what advice would you give someone who wants to become a manager or supervisor ? 2- what are two of your natural strengths / weaknesses? 3- what is the hardest lesson that you had to learn as a manager or supervisor? 4- As a supervisor how would you explain the LMX theory leadership mangement exchange? in terms of jop responsibility.  5- as a leader what is the craziest thing you encountered from your subordinates on the jop? =============== deadline : 14 hours or less 
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