Introduction to Psychology Sternberg Theory of Love WorksheetIdentify which of the different types of love from Sternberg’s theory that each description is an ex

Introduction to Psychology                          Sternberg Theory of Love             Worksheet
Identify which of the different types of love from Sternberg’s theory that each description is an example of.
1.        When Haley and Nathan are together, they can’t keep their hands off of each other.  They have a very active sex life, but that seems to be the only thing they really do when they are together.  They talk to their friends about each other in terms of “having a great body” or “being so hot”, not so much about what they are like as individuals.
2.        Samantha is so excited about her new boyfriend.  They met on a blind date and it was “love at first sight!”  Their relationship quickly became sexual, and even though they have only been dating for about 3 months, they have already started talking about marriage.
3.       Ron and Gwen have been married for over 35 years.  It has been a happy, satisfying marriage but over the past 5 years or so, they have gotten to a point where there is no physical aspect to their relationship.  Yet, they are both OK with this and say they are just as happy as when they were first married.
4.       Nancy and Hank are very close.  They feel extremely comfortable with each other and are not afraid to tell each other EVERYTHING they think and feel.  They have a high level of trust in each other.  They don’t actually “date” each other and in the fall Hank will be moving away to attend a different college.
5.       Mary and Colleen are best friends.  They have been friends for a very long time and know that they will be best friends forever.  They aren’t afraid to open up to each other about their deepest, darkest secrets because they trust that neither one of them will use anything that is revealed in a hurtful way.
6.       Matt told his roommate that he has a new girlfriend that he really likes.  They have been together for about 6 weeks and Matt often spends weekends over at her apartment.  Matt feels a “connection” that he hasn’t felt before.  Both Matt and his girlfriend have said that they are just dating but they want to see where the relationship is going.
7.       Everyone who sees Kendra and Lance together are so touched by how the couple seems to be so happy and in sync with each other.  They have been married for 20 years but still show the enthusiasm, excitement and energy of people just married.
8.       Callie and Jason are great friends.  They are very comfortable talking to each other about almost anything.   In fact, they have a relationship often described as “friends with benefits.”  They go out on dates with each other on occasion and each time they end up spending the night together.   They don’t consider each other “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”, just friend.
9.       Raj and Siri got married as part of an arrangement between their 2 families.  They are not very happy and neither feels that they have much in common.  But they feel pressure to stay in the marriage in order to keep their parents happy.
10.    When Mike went with his army buddy to a strip club, he and one of the dancers “hit it off”.  After 2 days in a hotel room, they eloped to Las Vegas for a “quicky” wedding.