M4 What Makes an Effective Leader?

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What Makes an Effective Leader? Compare and contrast what makes an effective leader (Characteristics of Effective leadership) with the findings from the leadership interview conducted (Evidence of Interviews).   
By Thursday of M4, this TEAM Discussion on What Makes an Effective Leader? Use the results of your findings and subsequent discussion to complete this section for the final project:
Comparison of Interview Results: You will compare the leaders with one another as well as to the literature review in the first section. What was consistent, what wasn’t consistent, how were the leaders different, were the leaders still effective regardless of different traits, what does this mean, etc.? (Those are just starter ideas). Length is about 300-400 words, but it does depend on the number of leaders interviewed and that depends on the number of team members. You will need to cite references to interviews as well as to the traits and characteristics from the earlier section.

Characteristics of Effective leadership: This is a literature review of the key characteristics of effective leaders. How many traits or characteristics? Plan to research two times the number of team members.  If you have three members, then six would be appropriate. This also allows you to collaborate as well as share the work.  Each trait should be about 150 words and have at least one current and reliable citation. Also, the individual assignment – M3 Application Assignment regarding a leadership interview.
Evidence of Interviews: The evidence of interviews is where you can share (perhaps a paragraph on each leader) a summary of what was learned and how it related or didn’t relate to the researched traits. Each team member can draw from their application assignment to help with their portion. This is often a portion of what each member wrote for the summary of that application assignment. Length is about 300-400 words … a paragraph from each team member, so it does depend on the number of members, but we usually average 3-4 per team. Each person should create a reference for their interview and then it can be cited with your summary.
It is highly recommended that you use the Team Project Template for the final project
When the assignment is complete one team member will submit the report to Submit Assignment button.
This assignment is a Direct Measure assessment. 

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