Managing and budgeting the finances of a healthcare clinic

Problem Analysis and Budget ImpactManaging and budgeting the finances of a healthcare clinic. Managing nursing budgets, salaries, expenditures, maintaining annual budgetsBased upon your review of the literature and interviews, create an analysis of the patient care financial problem and specify the potential budget impact. You do not need to create specific budgetary numbers, but can describe these findings in other terms, such as small or large. Your analysis should be supported by several references from peer-reviewed publications. Create a 2-3 page paper based upon this information.Grading Criteria Maximum PointsProvided a detailed analysis of the financial problem. 25Explain the potential budget impact of the identified problem. 25Identified the role of the nurse in the process of analysis of the information needed for budget development. 20Support the concepts with peer-reviewed publications. 20Used APA style (which includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as formatting). 10Total 100
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