Mapping Displacement: Is Your Community at Risk?

Search entries or author ReplyThe goal of this activity is to “map” displacement and gentrification in your own community (or in acommunity in the Bay Area you are interested in learning about).

Go to the Urban Displacement Project Map website.( Choose one of the data sets (from the drop down menuin the upper right hand corner) to get information about changes that have taken place in differentneighborhood.
Choose an area or neighborhood on the map to focus on. Select 3-4 different data sets from themap to compare (such as change in rent, change in median home sale price, % nonwhitepopulation, etc.) What pattern do you see? What changes does the map reflect in the neighborhoodyou’ve chosen? Also, you can use the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project( website to see if there’s additional information aboutthe neighborhood, to add to your analysis.
POST what you’ve learned to this forum: include the neighborhood and city you chose in yoursubject heading. Describe what data you found, and what you think is important or significant aboutwhat you learned.
REPLY to at least 2 of your classmates posts. Address the following questions in your reply: Howdoes it compare to the location you chose? What other information or analysis would you like toknow, given what you learned from the post?Unread    Subscribe(https:// Audrey Norton (San Francisco-

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