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*Groupthink can happen in any organization, big or small, business or non-profit, and private or public. The key is to realize when it is happening in a group setting and then make the right changes that best fit the organization’s goals and objectives.  
In the video below, we will see an example of teaching groupthink to students and the importance of enabling others to think for themselves. 
please also reed the attachment 

Once you have watched the video and read the case study, use the following guidelines to write your paper:
This assignment is to be at least 3 pages long (and not more than 5)

Introduce the topic and summarize the paper.

The main body of the paper

What are the general concepts of groupthink?
How can groupthink impact group decision making?
What are some ways to eliminate groupthink in a group environment? 
Provide a personal example of groupthink in an organization that you have been part of.


Provide a summary of the paper.
Provide an overview of what the reader should take away from the paper (purpose).