Mexican American US History and Government

Discuss the American Governments justifications and motives for declaring war against Mexico in 1846. 
In your view was the U.S. justified in declaring war against Mexico? Be sure to include an analysis of Manifest Destiny, Texas, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the aftermath of the war.

 Your reply should state a single thesis, and your explanation should be based on analysis and evidence. You must use, analyze, and cite specific examples from the readings to support your claims.
You must explain in your own words your understanding of the issues. You may approach each of the questions in any way you choose, but remember; this is not a summary, but a critical analysis/reflection

Formatted with 1 margins all around
Printed in 12-point Times New Roman
Numbered on all pages
Carefully edited and proof-read
Followed the list of Rules for Formal Essays (no second person, no contractions, etc.)
Proper citations for all quotes/ideas from text/lecture.  Ex. (Acua, pg. 45).
A clear thesis, response to the question and supporting evidence from readings & lecture
A clear introduction, body and conclusion and clear paragraph structure.
Coherent and follows a clear structure.