My Sources of Powerr

My Sources of PowerrPaper details:Please see the attached documents. The assignment is to prepare a reflective report, about Application 4.4 (see attached pages from the book)
My Sources of PowerComplete Application 4.4 on p. 134 of your text (p. 122 of the original text-the small numbers). Prepare a reflective report on your findings to upload here.
You may need to use outside sources to answer these questions. You must cite ALL sources used. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA!1) Thinking back over the course which method do you think is the best for Indians and Tribes to use in order to receive favorable treatment – the legislative process, judicial actions, or executive decisions? Explain why, and why the method you choose is better than the other 2 methods?The legislative process:
Judicial actions:
Executive decisions:
Explain why, and why the method you choose is better than the other 2 methods?2) In Alaska, tribes do not have reservations. There are regional corporations for Alaska Natives that are operated as for-profit entities with certain right to the land. The only “reservation”is a small island in southeastern Alaska (Annette Island). Does this seem to be a better arrangement than the typical situation in the continental U.S.? Why or why not?What is the reservation in Annette Island like?
What are the regional Corporations like?
What is the Situation in the U.S. like?
Are the first two better than the situation in the U.S.? Why or why not—3) Is there a difference between Native Hawaiian rights and Native American rights? How should Native Hawaiian rights be recognized and what rights should they be given/not given?What are the Native Hawaiian Rights?
What are the Native American Rights?
Native Hawaiian Rights:How should these rights be recognized?
What rights should they be given?
What rights should they not get?
4) The question of assimilation into the larger society and culture has always been difficult for Native Americans. Do you think it would be more advantageous for Tribes (and individuals) to remain separate and segregated to retain strong cultural ties/bonds, or would it be better to participate in the society at large?Remain separate and segregated to retain strong cultural ties/bondsPros:
Cons:orAssimilate and participate in the society at largePros: