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Global Communications Worksheet Your supervisor wants to send a brief e-mail message to welcome employees who have recently transferred to your department from Brazil, Russia, India, and China. He has written a draft message and would like your feedback. Review your supervisor’s message below. Rewrite the message to make it appropriate for the communication style of one of the four countries of your choice. Conduct research to know more about the communication style of your chosen country. I wanted to welcome you ASAP to our little family here in the States. It’s high time we shook hands in person and not just across the sea. I’m pleased as punch about getting to know you all, and I for one will do my level best to sell you on America. Complete the table with your rewritten welcome message.  
Chosen Country name
Rewritten welcome message
 Additional Insight Respond to each of the following questions with at least one paragraph: ·         When you researched the communication style of your chosen country, what information did you discover?·         What are some considerations that should be made when writing to someone from another country?  
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