Need to be research and collect data from the united state government

The client owns a pickleball(kind of sport like tennis both they provide training and stuffs like ball and rockets to play if they want) company in Canada and wants to establish a new one in the United States in Arizona but non-profit one. As you can see, exactly mentioned by the client what she wants and need to be researched precisely the data from the government website.  The US.GOV steps that you need to do:1 STEP 1. read about what is the pickleball play and prepare 1-page introduction about what the play of pickball and its orgine and how is common play in north america and especially in canada and united states https://www.thepickleballlab.comyou can have overview on the client web, but it doesn’t  have the enough information 2 STEP need to screenshot which is client demand and just lunching(establish)  business she meant not laugh in the first line you see dictation error 2. it has three different part that mentioned in three different questions that need each part start with a brief introduction regarding what is the definition of the concept and then add the information which you serached through US.GOV ALL INFORMATION SHOULD BE authentic FROM GOVERMANTAL WEBSITE AND NEED TO ATTACT SCREENSHOTS OF GOVERMENT WEB AND PUT THE LINK OF WE BELOW EACH PART THAT CAN EASILY CLICK ON AND GO ON all three questions should be prepared in three different sections 3 STEP a overall survey and conclusion