Topic: Nordstrom
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(Use as many sources as necessary) It should be written in Times New Roman, double-spaced, and include a Cover page and Work Cited. All of your sources must be footnoted, and follow the correct APA Styles of writing.
Your paper should include the following content:
Executive SummaryEnvironmental Analysis-Industry Size and Trends
-Target Customers
The Implementation Plan:-Store Layout, Design, and Visual Merchandising
-Merchandise Offered
-Customer Service
-Management (Organizational Chart)
-Staffing (Standard Operating Procedures)
Retail Communication (Brand Image, Direct marketing, Online marketing, Sales Promotions, Advertising, Public RelationsTechnology ( P.O.S systems)Financial StrategiesHuman Resource ManagementFuture Plans/Strategies/Opinions
**Note**You can include any: charts, graphs, floor plans, illustrations, pictures, etc.