One discussion board question related to crises management

Please review the pages of Hopkin’s book I attached below, then answer the folollowing question:
Hopkin presents a diagram of types of controls for hazard risks (Figure 16.1, page 186). He then offers a description of types of hazard controls in Tables 16.1 (p. 187) and 16.2 (p. 188). Select one of the control categories from Table 16.2 and discuss how it contributes to risk control. Provide an example from your experience that reflects the effectiveness of the control you have selected. If you don’t have such an example, discuss its potential impact in general terms.

Important notes:
– Please comprehinsively cover the whole aspects of the question after revewinh the document I attached below
– Use proper APA format for citation and references
– Do not forget to include a good example to answer the question