Organisation network infrastructure | Information Systems homework help

Create two more virtual machine, name it ServerDC2 and ServerDM2 and install Win Server2016 in it. For this assignment we will only require running 2 VMs at a time, ServerDC2 (whichwill be the Domain Controller) and ServerDM2. ServerSA1, ServerDC1 and ServerDM1should be Powered Off.Task 1Your first task is to bring both ServerDC2 and ServerDM2 under the same network, known asABCnet. Configure the VirtualBox and IP Configuration settings for the two VMs to completethe task. Once done, PING from both the ends to check connectivity. Attach the most relevantscreenshots and a short description after each of the screenshots showing the complete processthat you have used.Task 2As the network Admin of ABC Corporation, you have decided it is best to set up an ActiveDirectory based authentication and management services for the company network. So to startoff, create the Active Directory Forest on ServerDC2, note that DNS should also be installed aspart of the AD installation, and it is necessary to promote the server as the Domain Controller.Name the Domain Note that as part of the process, you also have to set up adomain-wide admin account (name it abcadmin). Once installation is completed, verify that thedomain has been properly setup. Rename the newly created Domain Controller as PrimaryDC.Attach screenshots for each of the steps and a short description after each of the screenshotsshowing the complete process that you have used. Provide the screenshots for domainverification and renaming as well.Task 3Now as the DC has been setup, it’s time to adding machines to the domain. Thus, renameServerDM2 to Acc1 and add it to abcdomain. ABC Corporation at this moment will be dividedinto 2 Organizational Units (OUs), Accounting and Marketing. Create these OUs and add at least2 users in each of these OUs. Once done, create a group called NoBackgroundChange. Add onemember from each of the OUs to this group and set up a GPO Policy in such a way so thatmembers of the group will not be able to change their Desktop Backgrounds once they login. Inaddition, bring Acc1 under the Accounting OU.Attach the most relevant screenshots and a short description after each of the screenshots.