Peter Singer’s “Famine, Affluence, and Morality”

1) Explain the authors two arguments.
2) Explain your two arguements arguments.
3) Foresee two possible objections to your arguments and explain how your two arguments overcome the two objections.

The essay needs:
Critical thinking (argument strength)

First two and a half pages need to have the authors first claim (OF YOUR CHOICE)/your counterclaim/possible objection to your claim then over come it.
Second half of the assignment needs two and a half pages of  the authors first claim (OF YOUR CHOICE)/your counterclaim/possible objection to your claim then over come it.

Two claims from the author
Two counterclaims to those claims the author made
Two possible objections that the author could say to your claims.

These are the DO NOTS for the essay:

1) Do not use the term ‘we as humans’ in your papers.
2) Do not use the term ‘fails to acknowledge’ in your papers.
3) Do not use the word ‘believe’ when referring to an argument (yours or the author’s). You should use ‘argues’ instead of believes.
4) Do not ask questions of any kind in your papers.  
5) Proofread before submitting. This is a writing class. All aspects of your papers are being graded (spelling, grammar, and punctuation).
6) Leave religion out of your papers.
7) The titles of shorter works (like essays) must be put in quotes. Longer works (like book titles) must be italicized.
8) Name usage: The first usage must be the authors full name (Peter Singer, for example) but all other uses will be the last name only (Singer argues that ______.). No preceding titles necessary.
9) Your argument outline should be placed before the title of your paper.
10) Do not use commentary in your papers: “I was assigned this reading on Tuesday and had never read anything like it before. At first it was difficult to understand but I finally got through it. It looks like Peter Singer is trying to argue ________.” What you should’ve written: “Peter Singer argues _______.”
11) Given the brief nature of our assignments, please refrain from wasting valuable space by using long quotes. A single one-line quote per page of written work is a simple guide. Paraphrasing is your best outcome.
12) Some of our articles have outdated standards for discussing people with disabilities. Terms such as cripple, retarded, and mentally handicapped are unacceptable. Please use ‘person with a disability’ or ‘person with an intellectual disability’ instead.  
13) Do not use bullet points in your outlines. Tell me a three-part story rather than an abstract list of bullet points. 
14) Your outline can be brief because it is meant for people with prior knowledge on the subject. Your longer assignment is meant for people that have little to no knowledge on the subject and must contain explanations of all new concepts and ideas. Note the differences between the two in the appropriate web lectures.

The title requirments:
1) Your title is directly based on your thesis statement. Don’t even think about creating a title until you have a solid thesis statement that’s survived the objection stage of your argument outline.
2) If you’re writing about a specific article/argument (like we will be doing the entire semester), then your title needs to convey your position (stance) as well as the author’s name and the article title you are responding to.