powerpoint assignment

You will be researching the hotel company you signed up for with your group and preparing a presentation. All group members must equally participate in the project and presentation that is to be submitted virtually, through the submission. You will be looking at the companys website as well as alternative sources such as media coverage and the social media sites operated by the hotel companies (especially the corporate LinkedIn page). 

While this project requires internet research, you must gather information from various sources and present the material in your own words.  You are not to cut/paste information directly from websites or news articles.   You may quote limited excerpts from these sources, if they are correctly cited (specific link not parent website).  Your project must include a complete list of source links at the end.

hotel company : Hilton

you will need to create slides each one to do the  5 and 6 questions i uploaded as a picture. after that, you will need to do voice- 
record later.  ( i will let you know about record later )