project Management

Background –  Revised summary of what was presented in the Project Charter ” The proposed XXX Recreation Center will be constructed in XXX. It will provide facilities to students and those provided in the college main campus building. A gymnasium, indoor playroom, health care facility (basic level), auditorium, cafeteria, and multi-purpose rooms are essential aspects, especially for the student’s overall development. Also, this will encourage networking among students from various parts of the world. The planned XXX Recreation Center will address the need for students to link their academic knowledge with practical experience, leading to a better understanding of their abilities, talents, and career goals. It will provide paid parking facilities to the staff and students. ”
Project Turn Over – In this section the project manager needs to discuss how the project will be effectively transitioned from a project mode into an operational mode (handover). This includes providing operations management with the resources need to support the delivered solution and potentially support model and maintenance costs.