Real Estate Finance
Please write an essay that includes answers for the following questions:(Please use accurate referencing (Harvard style) & original write up)
Real Estate Finance (1100 words)
1. What is Real estate market? Explaining UK Real Estate Market is part of wider uk economy.
2. Why investors/fund managers pay attention to UK Real Estate Market?Explaining that real estate asset class has low correlation compare to other asset classes….
Why it is appealing to have it in investment portfolio…
It has high, stable income return…
3. What is the impact of interest rate on real estate market? Consumer spending and reaction.
4. Difference between real estate asset class and other asset classes like fixed income, equities, stocks, and cash?5. Difference between commercial real estate and residential real estate?
6. What is the correlation of real estate market and whole economy?7. Why is it appealing for investors to see the trends of Real Estate market? the timing of investment?8. What is the key parameters and key drivers of property price?Explaining that real estate market is cyclical, and the timing of investment is important, and why?The real estate market typically moves through four phases before going back and repeating again. Those phases, as labeled in a recent Harvard Blog post, can be described as:? Phase 1: Recovery? Phase 2: Expansion? Phase 3: Hyper supply? Phase 4: Recession9. What are the challenges and limitations of forecasting real estate market?10. Different forecasting techniques have been introduced in the past , what are they?