RESEARCH METHODOLOGIESThere are two parts to the assignment which are related but separately assessed. Firstly, you are required to prepare a business Research Evidence Review and Literature Review aimed at a business-related problem or opportunity. Secondly, you need to create a research proposal, both fully referenced.You must ensure that the research title and research objectives/questions are included in both Assignment 1 and assignment 2.THE TOPIC SHOULD BE SPECIFIC, NOT TOO WIDE
As explained above there are two integrated parts to this assessment:• Assignment 1 (2000 words)
? Research Evidence Review (Literature and evidence sources)• Assignment 2 (2000 words )
? Research Design Proposal010 Assignment 1: Research Evidence Review (Literature and evidence sources)As explained above, this should be an analysis and synthesis of the literature pertaining to your topic. You should ensure that you read up-to-date sources and assess current academic concepts and models relating to that topic and the research question and objectives developed.Structure:1 ResearchTitle2 Develop 3 research questions3 Develop 3 research objectives4 Introduction• Is the domain explained?• Is there a rationale for the chosen topic?• Is there a wider point of reference?5 The Main Body• Is there a clear structure?• Does the review flow into a logical progression?• Does the review convey the thinking of the writer?• Use of secondary sources, citation, references, synthesis, critique, chronology, seminal works, models?• Is the current position conveyed?• Is there a set of emergent conclusions?
6 Conclusion• Is there a clear concluding statement?• Is there a clear implication for further research?• Are research questions specified?• Are there emergent themes?• Is the literature review conclusive?
011 Assignment 2: Research Design Proposal• Research Title developed in Assignment 1
• IntroductionBackground of researchStatement of the problemResearch QuestionsResearch ObjectivesRationale of the research
• Research Methodology• Design the research proposal (philosophy, approach, reasoning, research strategy)• Is the scope of Literature outlined relevant to the research objectives to address the research questions?• Is the relevance of the literature, models, theories and frameworks for thinking justified?• Data collection methods• Sampling
• Data Analysis procedure• Is the proposal for analysis linked back to the literature and the research questions?• Have analysis methods been specified?• Is there an adequate time plan for the research?
• Ethics, Validity and Reliability• Are validity and reliability issues discussed?• Are the ethical issues in the project understood and dealt with?• Are the intended outcomes for the research made known and is there a clear understanding of the value added?
• Timescale(schedule)
• Gantt chart
NOTE (for both Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 )• Discussion and debate on the above mentioned topics should be seen.• It is expected that you use current peer-reviewed journals and articles in recent 4 years,NOT from website.• There must be sufficient linkage between theory and practice.• Harvard style of references should be used, each assignment requires 15 references.