Research Paper on Counseling Deaf clients/Ethical Issues/Challenges

Due Sunday 08/06/17 by 17:00 (5:00 PM) Central Time. Please be on time because there will be no excuses acceptable ty
The objective of the research paper is to research and discuss an important issue to the profession of counseling. The paper should include: (a) statement of the issue; (b) background information (presentation of relevant data/literature to support various perspectives concerning the issue; and (c) your recommendation on how to meet the challenges posed by this particular issue based upon your analysis and synthesis of the available information. This is an opportunity to be creative in thinking about how you might approach a particular issue and will give you a chance to “dig deeper” into a topic.  I expect you to provide a critical analysis of the research information, including your own thoughts. APA format required. You must include at least three SCHOLARLY reference sources, The length of your paper should be approximately 5-7 pages.