Solution-What is difference between prokaryotic and

Discussion Questions
Each response must be at least 175 –200 words in length (EACH) and cite at least one reference from the text, including page number(chapter/section/paragraph number).
1. What is the difference between Prokaryotic and Eucaryotic Cells? Give examples of differences in organelles. Name two examples of prokaryotic cells and two of eukaryotic cells.
2. What are the reactants in photosynthesis? Where and how they are used in the chemical reaction? Likewise, examine the products and explain where and how they are being produced.
3. Explain the structure of membranes including the fluid matrix (FM) model . What are the forms of membrane transport and why are they important?
4. What do you think would happen to your cells if you drank distilled water or went swimming in salt water or the Dead Sea?