STATEMENT OF FAITH: FALL THROUGH JUDGMENT ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSINSTRUCTIONS 1.    6 Topics used for statement of faith listed below.2.    This summary must be 150 and be based upon a contextual understanding of various Scripture passages. (The purpose of word limits is to train you on how to be precise and clear while also preparing you for publication. Publishers for blogs, journals, or books will often give a specific word range by which the author must abide.) These statements must be in your own words. Document any sources utilized in current Turabian format. Do not copy another statement of faith.
(TOPICS USED)    Fall (key issues: depravity, original sin, imputation)     Salvation (key issues: election to, reception of, security of believer [eternal or can salvation be lost])     Church (key issues: universal church, local church)    Ordinances (key issues: baptism, communion)    Return of Jesus (key issues: imminence, physical)    Judgment (key issues: of believers, of non-believers, final destination [heaven and hell])
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