Study Assigment

Summary of Red Letter Alerts (Pyramid Alerts) from each chapter of your Textbook “NCLEX RN Examination Comprehensive Review“ (Sounders, 7th Edition) Author: Linda Ann Silvestri *No other editions will be accepted, only the 7th Edition will be accepted.
Tip: See page xii (7) from your Textbook Preface. (Edition 7)
* Assignment Due 4 days 
* Only Accepted Format: Word.
– Start with Unit 2 (Unit II) and until Unit 20 (XX).
– Type each RED letter Pyramid.
 Type each Critical Thinking question, answers, and Rationales chapter by chapter 
– The FIRST page of your assignment should contain the School name, Student full name, cohort, and date.
– The SECOND page should contain the Titles and numbers of Each Chapter and, the page number.
– From the THIRD page and on:
Type the chapter Title at the top of the page and continue with each Red Letters Pyramid Alert.
– Your Word document must page page-numbered.