Sustainability Discussion Forum

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Referencing the Inc. Magazine article, Why Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Wants You to be Evil: Do You Need a Social Mission? Hell, no. Profit is the Mission (Links to an external site.):1. Discuss the question of whether companies do (or do not) need to need to be organized differently in the context of sustainability challenges.2. Drawing from your text, Management Reset, and one other outside reference provide a reason for your point of view.3. Give examples of what might need to change or stay the same.
Your postings/insights in the Discussion forum are based on the following:1. Application of course concepts;2. Ability to articulate your analysis clearly; and3. Integration of student colleagues’ contributions and insights leading the discussion to a deeper level of understanding.
I only have the hardback copy of the textbook, but here are the powerpoints for the chapters that were covered in lecture.
Let me know if this clarifies the subjects any better.
Please don’t include ch. 10 in the discussion. We haven’t gone over it in class. So just ch. 1,2,4, and 9.

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