Unlimited source of energy
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Homeostasis refers to the resistance to change (Alcorn, 2003). It is a desire to maintain status quo. There are many reasons for technological homeostasis. One reason is the fear of the unknown. Human beings tend to avoid change to avoid the unknown. A second reason is anxiety and adjustment. Fortunately, humans have a large supply of defense mechanisms to deal with anxiety. One of those is resistance. A third reason is psychophysiological restructuring. Our brain stores knowledge along certain paths. As we age, those paths become more rigid allowing for less restructuring thus less adapting to new concepts or technology. Finally, specialization, breaking up the labor among a large number of people allows each person to become an expert in their part of the labor, spurs a separation of understanding. It creates a separation between those who understand the science and those who dont understand it (the general public).
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Suppose tomorrow, scientist creates a new unlimited source of energy. This energy uses natural resources with byproducts that are organic and reusable. What resistant factors would be present in society? Explain your stance.
Alcorn, P.A. (2003). Social issues in technology: A format for investigation (4th ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Publishing.
Essay is to be 250 500 words.
Essay uses two or three reasons for resistance to new technology
Essay clearly applies reasons society may be resistant to this technology.
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Essay is college level writing.