Week 5 Assignment


Assignment #5: 

In order to complete assignment #1 you will need to answer the below questions. Please complete the questions in a Word document and then upload the assignment for grading.  Use examples from the readings, lecture notes and outside research to support your answers. All questions must answered with viable support and detail.  Your answer cannot simply be a cited source answering the question.  Please be sure to follow APA guidelines for citing and referencing source. 

This assignment is a summative assessment for Course Objective 4.

1. As part of GSM, describe the three rudimentary services provide by SMS.
2. What is CAMEL? Briefly describe it.
3. Do all text messaging systems use SMS? Explain how they use SMS, or if not give an example of one that does not use SMS.
4. What is used for transmitting short messages between SMSC and the hand-held device?
5. When does SMS spoofing occur? Please describe a typical scenario.
6. How does televoting work?