What Is Cryptocurrency & What Is Its Main Differences with Fiat Money Essay

1. “Application: Will Bitcoin Become the Money of the Future” on page 55 in the textbook.
2. “Is Bitcoin a Real Currency? An Economic Appraisal”.
3. “Cryptocurrency: The Economics of Money and Selected Policy Issues”.

After reading the materials, answer briefly the following questions:o What is cryptocurrency? What is its main differences with
fiat money?o Do you think any cryptocurrency like Bitcoins can serve as
money and even replace the current fiat money system? Hint:
you should answer from the three functions of money.o Try to collect as much information as you can about the new
cryptocurrency Libra created by Facebook. What is its differences with Bitcoins? Which one do you think is more promising to be accepted as money by the public?

You can have the same points and arguments as in the readings, but you should NOT quote the original texts. Try to explain with your own words.
You are encouraged to use data and figures to support your points, but make sure to cite the source properly.
If you read other materials, list them in reference in the end with the title, author(s), when and where it is published/issued.
Do NOT commit plagiarism!
The essay should be written in a Word file with 1-2 pages (2 pagesat most), 12-point Times New Roman font, single-line spacing andnormal margins. Failure to follow the rules will impact your score.

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