Writing a Speech

Overcrowding in hospital emergency rooms has grown progressively worse.The management of the National Association of Trauma Specialists and its members are deeply concerned.That’s why Dr. H. Arthur (Arty) Hart, executive director of NATS, recently approached the leadership of the American Medical Association and asked for a plenary session on the problem at the next AMA convention.The AMA reception was a little tepid but it agreed, giving Hart 25 minutes or so for his speech followed by questions and answers.Dr. Hart has asked Kari Backe at ProCom to produce a draft of a speech. She assigns the speech to you.You need to concentrate on learning as much as possible about the problem. Work the Internet and go to the library. (Some of your previous research from earlier this semester may also be helpful.)The AMA expects Dr. Hart to propose some form of action the AMA could take.Backe wants a rough draft two weeks from now. It should have a title and the opening four pages of the body of the speech. The rest of your work can be in outline form.Also, include suggested visuals that might accompany the speech.The AMA convention draws more than 4,000 physicians to its annual meetings, so the audience will be large. That may influence the number and kinds of visuals you suggest.